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38, Рак, Colombia, Medellin
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Пол Жена
Търся Жени, Мъже, Двойки, Транс
Възраст 38
Височина 5'4" - 5'6" [160 см - 170 см]
Тегло 100 - 120 фунта [45 - 55 кг]
Коса Блондинки
Очи Кафяви
Етнос Латино/Испански
Езици Испански, Английски
Роден град Medellin
Полово окосмяване Подстригана
Гръдна обиколка Голяма
Дупе Среднa
Какво ме възбужда
Everything about you
За мен
Hello, I am Amelia

I am a very open girl, determined but timid and very reserved at the same time, sure of herself, whimsical, stubborn, tenacious and intuitive.
However, those who know me well know that I am sweet and extremely sensitive.

I usually be conservative, strong, safe and I love sharing time as a family; For me, my home is my strength, my personal shelter where I isolate me and retract me.
I love receiving halaagos from the others, I usually be ambitious with my goals and dreams, I offending me with easy, be careful with making me angry ... jajaaja.

I love traveling, music, I like art and literature.
I think I am different and that I will find a way to make it worth spending time with me, if you only leave me.

Hola soy amelia

Soy una chica muy abierta, decidida pero tímida y muy reservada al mismo tiempo, segura de sí misma, caprichosa, terca, tenaz e intuitiva.
Sin embargo, aquellos que me conocen bien saben que soy dulce y extremadamente sensible.

Por lo general, soy conservador, fuerte, seguro y me encanta compartir el tiempo en familia; Para mí, mi hogar es mi fuerza, mi refugio personal donde me aislo y me retracto.
Me encanta recibir Halaagos de los demás, generalmente soy ambicioso con mis objetivos y sueños, me ofendo con fácil, ten cuidado con hacerme enojar ... Jajaaja.

Me encanta viajar, música, me gusta el arte y la literatura.
Creo que soy diferente y encontraré una manera de hacer que valga la pena pasar tiempo conmigo, si solo me dejas.
Какво ме отблъсква
Какво правя на уеб камерата:
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happy oktoberfest
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